error with custom temp directory...

i’ve changed tmp directory to /var/tmp… and now in miniserv.error i get:

Temp file clearing is not done for the custom directory /var/tmp

How can i fix?


I’m not aware of an automated way of doing this.

If you just change Webmin’s temp directory to /var/tmp, but leave everything else using /tmp – that should keep things pretty clean.


I’ve changed to /var/tmp, the tmp directory for Php and MySQL too. Maybe have I to take back those dir?

Using /tmp as your temp dir for everything but Webmin would probably make things simpler :slight_smile:


in my vps if i do “df -h” i get:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdv1 5.0G 1.8G 3.3G 35% /
none 16M 348K 16M 3% /tmp

Is possible to automatic redirect /tmp on main /dev/hdv1? for example with a symbolic link?