Error while trying to move a domain after deleting postfix

I installed virtualmin (the free version), with postfix already installed. Everything worked fine, i could create virtual servers, subservers … clone , move …
But in my configuration i don’t wanted postfix anymore (i was using only “Administration user”, “Home directory”, “MySQL database” and “Apache Website” in my virtualmin config anyway), so i uninstalled it directly from ubuntu.
Now i have this error when I try to move a domain :

Moving virtual server server2 under server1 …
… Administration user failed! : Module postfix does not exist at …/ line 1397.

… failed! See the error messages above for the reason why.

I deleted the module postfix in Webmin, and i have the same … I’m lost here

Thanks for your help


You may want to try removing the mail feature from Virtualmin. To do that, go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and there, you can disable “Mail for Domain”.

If the mail feature is enabled, Virtualmin will attempt to use it, which can generate the errors you’re seeing.


Everything is disabled except the 4 things of my first post :confused:

Mail feature is disabled … :confused: