Error when creating a domain


i am running virtualmin on ububtu 8.04.

i want to create a domain

but i get this error

Failed to create virtual server : The domain name does not need to have ftp at the start

can abyone help


So, ordinarily Virtualmin creates an ftp.domain.tld domain name pointing to the same thing as domain.tld. Are you really just wanting "ftp.domain.tld", and no "www.domain.tld" or "domain.tld"? Is it actually just for FTP usage?

If you’re actually just creating an FTP server, you probably don’t want to use Virtualmin for it, as it would be overkill, and create a dozen other configurations you don’t need/want (website, mail, databases, etc.–some can be disabled, while the website cannot). It isn’t really designed to manage dedicated FTP sites. There is, however, a good ProFTPd module in Webmin, which allows setting up IP-based virtual FTP sites. You’ll still need to add a new A record in the BIND module (or wherever you host DNS).

Of course, if you actually want a full-feature virtual server named ftp.domain.tld (without having a www.domain.tld and a domain.tld), I guess we’ll need to figure out how to make that happen. :wink: