Error upload backup via ftp to router dgn2200

I’ve a router netgear dgn2200 with readyshare option, that let you to have a remote ftp connection to an usb hd. This function works with normal ftp client (filezilla etc…), but if i try to use it from virtualmin “backup and restore”, i get:

Uploading archive to FTP server
… upload failed! STOR /shares/USB_Storage/virtualmin-07-02-2012/mywebsite.tar.gz failed : Read Only

How can i fix it?



Well, it really does look as if the FTP server is giving you a read-only error.

Are you certain that you’re able to login as this same user from another computer, and upload a file into that same directory?

It sounds like an issue with this particular user not having rights to write to this particular directory.


from other client ftp and other computer works well… could be a pasv mode problem?



Well, the trouble is that it looks like the FTP server is giving you a Read Only error.

If it was a Port vs Passive FTP problem, you might see connection errors, or timeout errors – but what you’re getting here are Read Only errors returned by the FTP Server.

You may want to look in the logs on your FTP server to see if there’s any additional information there regarding what’s going on.


I’ve checked and none error log, but I’ve found that:

  • if I enable PASV mode from a FTP client I get timeout, but if I disable PASV connection is ok.

So, how can I disable PASV FTP connection in virtualmin backup service?



Sorry, as of now, there isn’t a method to specify Port vs Passive mode in the FTP backup.

If you can, I might suggest using SSH-based backups instead, which are a lot simpler to get working.


So, some news about my problem.
FTP connection via virtualmin backup is ok. The problem seems to be that virtualmin tries to upload file in the root dir and not in directory I’ve configured (in virtualmin too)…