Error Update MySQL 5.5.41 Ubuntu Server 14.04

I upgraded to the MySQL server version 5.5.41 but something will go wrong. My database disappeared. I would like to know if there is a way to return to the previous version 5.5.40. A species recovery.
Please help me. They are in total despair. I have all my sites offline.

Thank You.


Can you describe the symptoms that you’re seeing? Is it that one database is no longer accessible, or is no database accessible?

Are you receiving any error messages?

And if you look in /var/lib/mysql, do you see the databases there?


Thanks for the support andreychek.
In the path you indicated I can see my database while the symptom that I receive in virtualmin databases do not read them. If I go in virtualmin: Webmin —> Server —> MySQL Database Server

SQL select table_schema,table_name from information_schema.views where table_schema = ? non riuscito : Out of resources when opening file ‘/tmp/#sql_250e_0.MYD’ (Errcode: 24)

Symptoms seem to crash?
I can not even run the Backup as it gives me error.
I’m desperate …
I could format my VPS but I need to recover the database updated so if you can risolvore without formatting is best.

Thanks await your help.


I did a refresh of the system, and if I go in the path: Webmin —> Server —> MySQL Database Server

I view the page correctly but without Database:

MySQL database

No MySQL database has been found on your system.
Create a new database

If I go to the path: Webmin —> Server —> MySQL Database Server —> Permit Host

I see this error:

SQL select * from host order by host non riuscito : Can’t open file: ‘./mysql/host.frm’ (errno: 24)

I finally solved the problem! :slight_smile:
I could not think what to do as I was panicked.
I calmed down and I’ve been thinking.
MySQL error file in the /var/log/mysql/ and the result was this:

150123 10:23:53 [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can’t open file

Performing research suffered the first result was this topic:

It was enough to put those two lines in the configuration file of MySQL.

But why this problem just me? It had to be a common problem at all. And that’s what I can not understand. There is an answer to everything?

andreychek thank you for interested in my problem.


Okay, thanks, that helps – I think that error you posted is the key.

I don’t think the issue was caused by upgrading MySQL – I think it was likely a coincidence, and that it was going to happen anyway.

Take a peek at my comment to this Forum post here:

Does that solution mentioned there work for you? Although in this particular case it was for a CentOS 6 system, the same sort of thing should work on Ubuntu.


Hi andreychek,
It is the problem of link you posted is similar to mine. The logic is the same.
I also save your guide posted in this case occurs at a next try this latest update your link.
But this time before I will make a backup of the system and of all sites. I do not want to risk anymore after this bad experience! :slight_smile:
We are talking about 68 sites offline and from 09:30 came the first customer calls. A total chaos! :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything!