Error restoring from SSH Server. Latest Virtualmin

Hi, I have it so all my sites in virtualmin are backup daily. I did this through SSH to my file storage server. However I get an error when it tries to restore a backup.

Downloading archive from SSH server …
… done

Extracting backup archive files …
… extraction of /tmp/.webmin/924404_13471_3_restore.cgi/.bashrc failed :

/bin/tar: This does not look like a tar archive
/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

… failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

server 1: Latest virtualmin setup on Debian 7
server 2: centos 6 minimal only used for backup

Any ideas why this is happening? I run a pretty stock setup with only Apache being replaced with Nginx.


Hmm, it looks like there may be a corruption issue with the backup file.

One other alternative that could cause that though – is /tmp on it’s own partition?

If so, is that partition large enough to hold that backup archive?

Also, some folks mark that partition with the “noexec” flag – if that’s the case on your server, you may want to try removing that flag to see if that helps.