Error restore backup

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.4
Webmin version Latest

I took a backup using webmin and now I want to put it back but I get this error

ERROR 2005 (HY000) at line 92 in file: ‘/tmp/.webmin/334478_168015_1_exec_file.cgi’: Unknown MySQL server host ‘Bengta’ (-3)
It creates tables fill 1 and then stops
Can anyone lead me to find the problem.

To clarify it has created all 11 tables and filled 10 of them. the 11th is the most important and contains html formatted text

To just clarify you trying mysql restore?

I have tested different ways. Backup via Virtualmin, via ssh and via Phpmyadmin. Result is the same. But I have found the culprit. in the textfield that contain text from old sources that is copy and paste into a form, many time wrong apostrophy is used. And ofc when this ’ is inthe text it goes wrong. So after cleaning that out by hand it worked flawless. I did not find a way to use REPLACE to do it

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