Error - Perl execution failed (open_dbm_db)


I have this error while trying to “Read Mail” in usermin:
Undefined subroutine &mailbox::open_dbm_db called at ./ line 1447.

I am using Usermin v1.450 on CentOS 5.4, webmin is v1.520.

/var/log/miniserv.error shows a similar message: “[11/Sep/2010:22:09:01 +0800] [] /mailbox/ : Perl execution failed : Undefined subroutine &mailbox::open_dbm_db called at ./ line 1447.”

I can only find one posting related to this on the forum, but it was unclear what was the solution.

The permission on the and (and the rest of the files) are
owner: root
group: bin
permission: 755 / rwxr-xr-x

Any help/advice/troubleshooting tips will be greatly appreciated…

thank you very much :slight_smile: