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On this page, under “Installing on Alma, Rocky, CentOS Stream, Fedora Linux,” “Install additional PHP packages,”

dnf install php81-{cli,fpm,pdo,gd,mbstring,mysqlnd,opcache,xml,zip}

should be

dnf install php81-php-{cli,fpm,pdo,gd,mbstring,mysqlnd,opcache,xml,zip}

That is all. Carry on.


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Thanks for the heads up. Fixed, I think.

I updated it recently because it previously had php*-{blablahblah} and people were literally running that (ignoring the note underneath it saying to pick a version) and installing every PHP version under the sun!

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Lol. Well, whatever else they installed probably worked after that, but mighty slowly.


Maybe adding instructions to change the default PHP version for CLI would be helpful:

dnf module reset php
dnf module enable php:remi-8.1 // for example
dnf update php\*

That’s for RHEL-based, of course. I’ve never done it on Debian.


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