Error Missing Headers when viewing AWStats report

This happened some time after a recent virtualmin upgrade. When I click on View Report, I get Error - Missing Headers in the right side frame.

This happens on any domain. Webalizer works ok. Virtualmin 3.64.gpl GPL

Any ideas?

When I ran re-check config, I got this:

[code:1]The AWstats command /usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ was not found on your system.[/code:1]

If you run this:

find /usr -name

What directory does it show up in?

Then, if you log into Virtualmin, and click System Settings -> Features and Plugins -> Awstats -> Configure – does the path listed there match where resides?

I did a search on that after I got the error. I pointed it to /etc/webmin/virtualmin-awstats/ . But there was more than one listed (3). It was pointed to /usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/

Any ideas where it should be pointed?

Well, it’s likely to be one under /usr/ (but not under webmin) or possibly /var.

The one you see under /etc is part of the Virtualmin module, rather than the actual awstats package.

Mine points to /usr/lib/cgi-bin/, but I’m on Ubuntu.

What are the other versions you see?

Here’s the others:


Okay, try using /vat/www/awstats/ – if that doesn’t work, pop a bug report into the Bugs and Issues tracker, as we may need Jamie’s help to get us on the right track here :slight_smile:

Looks like I got it resolved.

AWstats configuration directory: /etc/awstats
Full path to AWstats program: /var/www/awstats/
Full path to AWstats icons directory: /var/www/awstats/icon
Lang, Lib, Plugins: Same as