Error during Dovecot control files backup

Good evening to all,

During a check in the backup log files, I saw the following error:

Backing up Dovecot control files .. .. backup failed : tar: Cannot stat: No such file or directory

for every email user, but the backup does not fail!

I realized that on my server, dovecot user control files, are stored in directory like


so i think that the backup script do not find the directory because the user format is different…

Where can I set the right user format?

Any suggestion? :slight_smile:

Thank’you so much for any help and sorry for my poor english :wink:


There is a bug related to backing up Dovecot control files… you can read about it and the solution here:

Thank you

I’ve tried the suggestion and it work fine!

Is this the solution?

I have username@domain format for some virtual servers on CentOS 6. But I’m not aware of any Dovecot backup problems. I guess this is only affecting Debian 6 squeeze then?

Yes this is the solution and i’m using a server with debian 6 and another one with ubuntu 10.04…