Error creating virtual server but error not correc

HI all,

I’ve been searching the forum without success so here is my problem.

As I wanted virtualmin to manage a website already on my webserver I deleted MySQL DB, user and files and start creating a new virtual host through virtualmin interface.

It keeps saying : "Failed to create virtual server : A MySQL database called ripr or user called ripr already exists"

I double and triple check but neither the DB nor the user exist actually.

I emptied my cache, restart webmin, deluser USER and drop table (even if thet are not shwing in phpmyadmin) ect…

Still same problem.

Maybe because at the very beginning, before droping user and DB and files I tried to import the website through VM interface (no success). Maybe it created hidden files ?

Thanks for your help

Ubuntu : 8.04 / Webmin 1.420 / Virtualmin : 3.582.GPL

Just to verify – when you say the user doesn’t exist, are you referring to the database user?

The above error appears to be referring to the MySQL user rather than system user. You could determine that by either using phpMyAdmin to browse to the MySQL database called "mysql" and viewing the "user" table, or you could fire up the mysql command line tool, and type:

select User from mysql.user where User=‘ripr’;

I am curious about the import that didn’t work though – do you recall how far it got or what error you received when you tried?

I am so stupid not to have think about that.
You are right, it was the MySQL user and not the system one.
All went through nicely after deleting the MySQL user.
Thanks for that andreycheck

During importation I did not encounter any error as a matter of fact.
Virtualmin made a system check before proceeding to importation.
It noticed me that some params were not enabled ( website mail, Webalyser, Log rotation as far as I can remember, plus other basic things).
But it did not precised "Ok these things are disabled but the import process WILL create/enable them the same way the creation process would do". This may be obvious for an advance user.

As a beginner I did not want to start a import process where few but not all params would be enabled and I decide to erase and start over again through creation process.
Plus it did not precise if my home directory would be transfered to the "public_html" one or use as is or rename.

Thanks again