Error creating user (e-mail only)

Yesterday I created a user using Virtualmin for E-Mail service alone. It encountered an error during mailbox creation. In Postfix the user mailbox is shown, though. When sending an e-mail to this account, I get the message “Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table”. When trying to delete this user, I get another error message: “Failed to delete users :” – without any further details.

  1. How can I delete this user?
  2. What files and databases does Virtualmin change regarding users? I ask for the purpose of deleting this user from command line, but I don’t want to leave Virtualmin in an inconsistent state.
  3. What might be the reason it encountered the error in the first place during creation?

Strange enough: I created another user the day before with the exact same settings and it works.


I’m sorry. I investigated further, rebooted the Vserver and tried again. I think, it has something to do with running out of swap space. I only have 128 MiByte swap and cannot change it.

Now, I could delete the account and re-create it.



Yeah, running out of RAM can cause some unusual issues.

If you’re low on RAM, you could always go through this guide here to try and reduce your RAM usage: