Error after submitting (Error - File not found)

after submitting any form at Virtualmin Ive got “Error - File not found”

Like at form:

Error leads to:

It seems that
/aaa/ sends for to /aaa/aaa/ (“aaa” is a virtualmin directory).

Do you know where to change correct path to virtualmin to avoid those dual-directory issue?
Note also that form is send (data are changed), but result leads to 404 like this.


Operating system CentOS Linux 6.5
Webmin version 1.680
Virtualmin version 4.06.gpl GPL
Theme version 8.7

Howdy – when accessing Virtualmin on port 10000, does that work properly for you?

It looks like you may be using a reverse proxy of some sort, I’m curious if that proxy is causing the problems you’re seeing.

It’s possible to run Webmin/Virtualmin behind a proxy, so there may be a configuration issue of some sort going on.

You may need to describe your setup there, as well as share your proxy configuration, in order for us to determine what’s going on.