Error after installing Virtualmin on Debian 7.04


We are a public institution and we are looking for an easy and simple panel for simple web hosting. Once long ago I installed Webmin and it worked. Yesterday on debian 7.0.4 amd64 I installed Virtualmin. The first installation has caused the suspension of the script and delete all entries from the file nano / etc / network / interfaces. After the second installation was nothing like that happened, but after logging in to the message I have all the time
As I press the Re-check I have this error

We would like to buy the paid version, but before that need to be testing.
Can you help me?

Best Regards
Peter Redel

The error message you receive somehow did not make it into your post, can you please fix that?

It should help to just go to the “Bootup and Shutdown” module that’s linked on the error page and start the Mailman process. It happens sometimes after installation that Mailman doesn’t get started.