Error Adding SSL website in subdomain

Hi, I have a server with CentOS 7.8.2003, webmin v1.955 and Virtualmin 1.803 (GPL).
Only one domain, that we’ll call and three subdomains,,
SSL is enabled in and
If I try to abilitate it in and I get this error:

“Adding new SSL virtual website …
… certificate authority file is not valid : Data only has 3 lines”

I need help!


You would perhaps need to manually delete those corrupt SSL certificates from under domain home, prior enabling SSL website feature.

Hi, Llia
thanks for reply.
Unfortunately it is not so simple.
The main domain has its ssl certificates in the right position (in the home), like the first subdomain. But, the second and third subdomain certificates point to the main domain certificates. I don’t know why!
I discovered it by checking the webmin configuration files in:


No one can help me? :pensive:

Do as above. Erase the ones form the subs, and redo. You can always rerun them with Let’s… At some point Let’s will stop from re-issuing but, for a few days…

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