Error - Access denied

Error - Access denied for The host has been blocked because of too many authentication failures.

Too many false authentications on Sub level virtual sever has locked me out of the root account too. How can I recover from this?

By default webmin will block only for 60 seconds.

Maybe by default it is 60 seconds, but it’s been much longer than that now, and I’m still locked out. Anyway to get around it through ftp or shell?

You can restart Webmin to reset any IP address locks it has set.

To do that from SSH, just run: /etc/init.d/webmin restart

the solution to the problem is via ssh
sudo cat /etc/webmin/miniserv.users
and change
and after sudo /etc/init.d/webmin restart
when you will go to login as superuser
go to webmin-webmin configuration-authentigatior and uncheck “Also lock users with failed logins”
or you leave it checked and every time you remove the ! from /etc/webmin/miniserv.users

Not able to send and receive mail, every thing working fine except mail. when i try to send mail form
I got below error.

Failed to send mail : SMTP command failed : 421 4.3.2 All server ports are busy

Also not able to add domain account on gmail, Please help if any one know the problem.