Erroneous: this update could not be installed

I’m getting e-mail messages “Security updates” saying:

An update to logrotate 3.7.5-3.fc7 is needed : New version released However, this update could not be installed! Try the update manually using the Security Updates module.
However, when I check my system with rpm, I see: [code:1]# rpm -q logrotate logrotate-3.7.5-3.1.fc7 #[/code:1]So, the logrotate I have is newer than the one that Virtualmin thinks I have. Can I fix Virtualmin so that it doesn't complain about this? For example, is there a file that contains the version information that I can manually update?<br><br>Post edited by: fatbear, at: 2009/05/17 04:27

In Virtualmin Package Updates click Refresh Available Packages.

If it still thinks you have an old version after that, file a bug.