errant website down message?

could adjusting my router which disconnects from the net and thus from all computers hooked up to it for 8 seconds. Because a message was sent that says a certain domain has gone down. When I went to the domain(right after getting the message I found it up and working fine.

Hey Adam,

By default, the System and Server Status module (which I think is probably my favorite Webmin module besides Virtualmin…I encourage everyone to spend some time with it to see just how much it can do for you) does get setup for each new domain that is created, and the default check interval is five minutes. However, since the check runs on the same machine as the host it is checking, a router change should not be able to effect it–but there are circumstances where it could. If DNS service for the machine is provided by a host that would have to traverse the router, then I believe this could happen due to the router outage.

It could be something else going on, though…Hard to say.