Encrypted backups

If it possible to Create encrypted backup and then upload them to ftp

something like
openssl enc -e -aes-256-cbc -k paswd -in ./file -out ./file.encoded

At the moment, I’m not sure it’s possible to run a command on each file in the backup. To get something like that, you may want to file a Feature Request using the Support link above.

However, an alternative would be to use something like the “encfs” filesystem – which encrypts a given directory.

With encfs, you would mount a given directory, copy the files there, and it automatically encrypts them for you. You can then copy the encrypted contents to your FTP server.



You can use the command line tools for that.

After logging into your server as root via SSH, run this command: virtualmin backup-domain

You’ll see a number of options you can use for backing up domains. That can all be run from within cron.