Enabling SSL on Sub-Server on 1 IP

I don’t even know if this is “legal” or doable but I have to ask.

On a single IP we have www.hinduismtoday.com and we are developing a new version of the site for rollout in a month or two in a subserver "dev.hinduismtoday.com" which lives in /home/htoday/domains/dev.himalayanacadmy.com/[etc] with a complete framework there (public_html etc…)

Now our developers want to set up their e-commerce in advance but the subserver doesn’t have it’s own certificate…

If I try to enable SSL on the subserver I get, the old and familiar


Failed to modify server : SSL cannot be enabled for more than one domain on the IP address unless a virtual IP interface or private port is enabled.

Is there a way around this?


Yeah, SSL requires one IP address per SSL-enabled site (unless you get into wildcard certificates, which cost extra).

Sorry, there’s no real way around that :slight_smile:

Right… that’s what I thought… OK, I’ll tell my guys to dev their pages/cgis with “http” URL’s and then later we will just have to go off line for an hour or so while we update paths to “https” when all the content of the new site is put in place as www.hinduismtoday.com. That should work… if everyone documents their stuff so we all know where the links ref/variables are that need to be updated when we go live… (that can be a problem, getting your team to document their work… good luck with that one…)

over and out on this one