Enabling SSL binds to other server's ssl certificate.

I created a virtualserver without SSL. Later I enabled the SSL feature. The SSL has been enabled, but it bound to other top-level server’s cert and key. I can’t change the SSL cert paths in “Configure Website for SSL” because the cert/key files don’t exist in home directory, I can’t upload the ssl certificate/key, because the SSL is binded to other server. The only way is to do it from “the behind” from console, but it is what I don’t want.

Can somebody advice me, how to split the cert/key bind? Why the hell it have been created at all?

The correct term is the certificates is shared. The question is: How to break the certificate sharing?


Are you planning to use multiple SSL certificates on your server?

If that’s the case, you would need to give each domain that’s to have SSL it’s own IP address – SSL supports one SSL certificate per IP address.

There’s details on setting that up here: