enable-writelogs.pl in Virtualmin GPL


I have various Virtualmin installation, someone GPL and someone PRO.

I can’t find in GPL version the shell function “enable-writelogs.pl” for make modification of the AccessLog and ErrorLog write method.

Is this function available only in PRO version?

What is a right metod for modify a configuration based on "static log" in favour of a log configuration handled by writelogs program in GPL version?


You can make modifications to how Virtualmin writes logs in either the GPL or Pro versions – but being able to do so from the command line is a Pro-only feature.

The GPL version generally offers a way to resolve issues like this one Virtual Server at a time. Pro offers a way to do it for lots of Virtual Servers at once :slight_smile:

You can enable it in the GPL version by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Apache Website – then look for "Write logs via program".

Thank you Eric,

you’re talking to modify the template for new domain, but I’m talking about domain already active.

I will edit the apache conf manually for this GPL installation.



If you go into Server Configuration -> Website options, you can tweak the value for "Write logs via program" there.

Thank you Eric,

but "Website Options" is available only in Virtualmin PRO, not in GPL.

I manually change.