Enable ssl from php settings

Hi everybody!

I’ve got a domain (that we call domaintest.com) and many subdomain.
For example d1.domaintest.com.
The main domain and the subdomain has their own website and database.

Now: in Website Options, I’ve seen the option: “Redirect all requests to SSL site?”. I’ve enabled it, but I don’t see the content of the websites.

Like if that option, looks for the file from another directory.
How I can use this?

We will have to take your word for it since you have chosen to use placeholder domain names instead of your real domain name. If you had used the real domain name, we might have been able to examine it remotely and helped you better.

Enabling this will cause Virtualmin to force a SSL connection every time someone accesses any URL on your website.

I am trying very hard to guess what it is that you do see if it is not the content of the website: a blank page perhaps? If you had used your real domain name when outlining the problem then it would have taken the guesswork out of the equation.

Hello and thanks for the reply.

If I enable it, I see an 500 error code, and the url is the “principal domain”.

In the case of the example, I need to add some details.
I’ve got a database where I write what domain is “linked” to the subdomain.

So the subdomain “d1.domaintest.com”, that is “linked” to the domain “superdomaintest.com”.

Then type “superdomaintest.com”, I’ll read the db of d1.

Now: everything works, but If I enable that ssl option, I’ll see error 500 and the url will be: “domaintest.com”.

Hoping that I’m clear.

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