Enable DKIM on a Virtualmin with mail for domain disabled


I’d like to enable DKIM on my server, where every hosted domain has incoming mail with Google Apps, so mailboxes are disabled (postfix is anyway enabled to send mail). When I try to enable DKIM from Virtualmin, I receive the error:

Finding virtual servers to enable DKIM for …
… no servers with both DNS and email enabled were found!

DKIM setup failed!

Is there some trick to enable it with mail services disabled?


I spoke with Jamie about this, his response is:

“In this case, he should enter the domains on the dkim form, in the field for additional domains to enable dkim for. Currently that’s the only supported solution…”

“However, mail send from gmail wont be dkim signed though. So it might be classified as spam, because the domain will have dkim dns records.”


Thank you very much for your answer. I already tried to enter the domain in the “additional domains” field, but I receive the same error.