Enable "BIND DNS domain" feature in Virtualmin after managing separately using Webmin

Currently we are running webmin and virtualmin on our server as follows


  • Manages BIND completely


  • Has almost all features enabled except “BIND DNS domain”

We now have a few domains we’d like to give independent access to manage their DNS directly so would like to enable “BIND DNS domain” in Virtualmin but just wanted to run this by the virtualmin community first before just clicking enable and hoping for the best. Is this advisable and the best approach to accomplish what I have described.

Many Thanks


Yeah that should work fine in that circumstance… you’d just need to make sure BIND isn’t already managing any of the domains you’re wishing to enable DNS for.

If not, it should be safe to enable the BIND DNS Domain feature for that domain.


Thank you but yes BIND is managing all the domains I wish to enable it for. What will happen if I enable it? Will it try to overwrite them. Can I give a virtualmin user access to manage their domain somehow through webmin instead?