Emails not working again

Hello, my emails aren’t working again. Is there someone I can email for support, that’s on the Virtualmin community?

I had the emails setup nicely, so that emails go through my registrar, who simply forwards the email to my gmail account.

Now that won’t work. The registrar doesn’t see the email I sent from gmail to at all.


My suggestion would be to review your email logs… those are located in either /var/log/maillog, or /var/log/mail.log.

You would then be able to see what’s happening to the emails that you are sending.

So, send an email, and then look in the logs to see what happened to it.

If you like, you can paste in the log messages related to your emails if you’d like a hand deciphering what’s going on.


I have attached the /var/log/maillog, as I can’t copy the data and paste it.
I SSH into the webserver, so Vim won’t copy/paste.

/var/log/maillog looks like gibberish to me.
I see no evidence of my sending an email.

Hi, so can emails run from Virtualmin, as I need to get this working now.
I need to send and receive.
My notes show that, I need to use email relay through ISP’s, so gmail doesn’t block emails out.

Email incoming is temperamental, as it goes to the domain registrar who should forward to my gmail.

Hello. So I’m back on trying to make emails work with Virtualmin. Incoming emails work, however outgoing seem to be blocked.
Therefore, I’m trying an email relay.
Could someone let me know if this is the right document to use to set up email relaying?,mail_relaying_with_virtualmin/

So, just tested email from 7 different domains and 0 received.

Virtualmin has correct MX records as per Domain Registrar and other websites hosted on the Virtualmin server.

Email is received from other tests, but not when I send (from within the same LAN), but from various domains such as gmail or emails.