Emails going to Yahoo/Gmail going landing in spam folder.

I am having an issue with our emails any emails sent to gmail or yahoo are going right to spam. Our rdns is setup correctly as well as SPF and DKIM. Using mxtoolbox everything seems to be okay and not showing up on any blacklists. Is there anything else I could look at in my configuration to get them to land in the inbox?

Thanks for the help

Hi exile.

I can’t speak for those operations, but since you seem to have done everything possible to qualify, perhaps it is just a matter of time before they upgrade your locally maintained “reputation” from neutral/unknown to something more positive.

If you have an account there, send yourself an email and see if you learn anything in the headers. Be sure that DKIM passes.

Send your test message as plain text (not HTML); to only a single recipient; have the subject and body content be realistic and not include any http or domain names.

If they can’t put a squeeky clean email into the inbox, maybe what else the’re waiting for is some number of users to whitelist your sender or put you into their address book. Who knows??

Was kinda afraid of that response :stuck_out_tongue: Well thanks for the advice I appreciate it.