Email signup software

i am wondering if there is an all in one software thats compatible with virtualmin to enable visitors to create an email address , currently i have postfix installed with apache

For having a kind of email services as (protonmail) ?

If not then you can create users and those can create own emailadresses.

There’s an old plugin for that here: GitHub - virtualmin/virtualmin-signup: Virtualmin plugin to allow users to signup for mailboxes

Nobody has touched it in a long time, and nobody is using it, as far as I know, but it should be in the repos (if you would have told us your OS, I could tell you the exact package name).

You probably want to figure out some way to insure you don’t end up with millions of spam accounts, though, as I don’t think this plugin has very modern protections against abuse.

I should warn you that I don’t think running a free mail service is a sane thing to be doing at Virtualmin scale today (you will be devoting your life to fighting spammers and abuse). But, if you’re just using it for local users who are authenticated in some other way, i.e. you’re only offering it to people in an office who have an intranet or whatever, it could work fine for that.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
It was just a thought, and yes, only authenticated users would have access to the the service.
OS is Ubuntu.
its more of a curiosity at this stage but would be nice to have that feature should one day i decide to deploy something

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