Email server and Wordpress server


I’m planning to separate email server from wordpress server. So, there will be

  1. email server
  2. wordpress server
    and 3. nodejs server

I’m new to virtualmin, so, my current understanding is to install each virtualmin into each server and configure each separately. Is there a better strategy or setup?

That’s not how it works at all.

When you install Virtualmin it installs the Dovecot mail server. That runs in the background and handles all mail for all domains in much the same way that Apache or NGINX run all of your websites.

When you create a domain and install Wordpress on it, you then configure that domain to use email. That email with use the Dovecot mail server along with every other domain you create.

You don’t install an email server for every domain. It doesn’t work that way at all.

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I think he wants 3 servers for load balancing/ contingency. Or the query is rather if it is a good strategy.

@adamtang How many users will have email, wordpress account and how busy is existing service/server? Are you planning VPS or physical server. Each to their own and it depends on preference. If your service is super busy with heavy usage, yes - I would use multiple servers. If service is small and for simplicity - 1 server will be sufficient and a 2nd to store backups/contingency. For advance users DNS overlap etc so if anything happens to primary, you can resume service on 2nd server. I would try to make it as simple as possible.

You can install virtualmin everywhere and also make 1 to manage the others but it will require some maintenance. If you have some stats of current use, we might be able to provide better feedback.

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Thanks for sharing.

My current server I have messed up trying different software. So, I am thinking to have 1 instance ec2 for email and 1 instance ec2 for wordpress or even more 1 instance ec2 for nodejs. If i messed up again, i will no need to resetup my email server. I’m just setup the wordpress server or nodejs server.

I’m still not understanding what you’re trying to do.

Are you going to run three different computers to have three different physical servers and then tie them all together over the network/internet?

Or are you using one physical server but you want to install three different instances? Because if that’s the case you’re sort of wasting your time because that is in effect what you would have with Virtualmin.


I think you should read virtualmin docs before asking this…you can achieve everything in one server with proper backups you shouldn’t have any issues well I don’t trust node js… why even asking?

3 physical servers. do you know how to tie them together?

i am going to install virtualmin in each physical server.

i’m not so sure whether virtualmin has feature to tie or manage 3 physical servers in 1 place, thus, i’m asking here to confirm whether there is other setup strategy.

i am asking here because i didn’t found it inside docs. i’m not that expert in server software.

i am currently having 1 server for all, but i messed up on trying up software and making server behave weird. my plan now is to have a server for email and another server for wordpress or nodejs. in case i messed up again, i do not need to touch email server.

not sure why u don’t trust nodejs, but i’m a react/vue user.

Then you may want to read through this and see if it’s what you’re looking for.

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