Email send successfully but unable to receive

**Operatng system:centos
**OS version:7

I have followed the instructions mentioned in the doc:

The outgoing emails working fine but the incoming mails are not working.
Double checked and confirmed the MX is pointing correctly.
Grepped incoming mail id in /var/log/maillog and /var/log/procmail.log and couldn’t find any hint.
Could you please assist me to troubleshoot this issue.
I am not much familiar with virtualmin.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @echttp and welcome to the community.

Oh no! I wish you had not followed what is essentially a Webmin installation guide for your installation of Virtualmin. From the screenshots used in the guide you have used, I can infer that the instructions are for an older version of Webmin and associated software.

The correct thing for you to do would be to install Virtualmin on a fresh server (format your dedicated server and then install just the OS) and then install Virtualmin by following

Doing so will be much less work than it was when you followed the earlier doc. All the best!

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