Email relay

I have two virtualmin servers setup on two separate VPS. One VPS has an IP address which is part of a range banned from sending emails to a particular ISP for spam abuse. The other however has no trouble sending emails. I was wondering if I would be able to setup the working one as a relay for the blocked VPS. If anyone could tell me how to make this work it would be greatly appreciated.


Note that if the issue that led to the spam isn’t corrected, implementing the above may end up with both servers not being allowed to send email to this particular ISP.

However, if you’d like to set that up, you can do so by making a change to your Postfix on both servers.

On the server that’s being blocked, you’d want to edit /etc/postfix/, and set the “relayhost” setting to point to the server you want your email to relay through.

On the other server, you need to tell it to accept connections from the first one. To do that, edit /etc/postfix/ on it, and add the IP address of the first server in the “mynetworks” parameter.

After making those changes, you would need to restart Postfix on each server.


Do I have to put any login information to make that work?