Email problem after Restore on new server

After restoring a back up to a new Server, I have Email Problems on some but not all accounts.

Using Squirrel-mail I get this error: ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.
and clients can not connect also, so basically the email account is hosed, not really a problem, I can delete it, I will lose all my email, but that is another issue.

if I delete the user and try to recreate them, I get this error: Failed to save mailbox : A mailbox or mail alias with the same name and domain already exists

I check the Alias under “Edit Mail Aliases” no name there
I check Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups, no name there
I check Webmin -> Postfix Mail Server -> Mail Aliases
I ftped in, and under home, the folder was deleted.
Under “Read User Mail” I do see the account, but no messages… odd

So checked /etc/passwd and there is the Problem, its in there, so my question is why?
Deleting them fixed it, root has permissions, so deleting them should have been done in Virtualmin when it deleted the account, that is the way I think it should work anyway.

I have done this in the past, so I know it did work at some point.

How do I fix this in VirtualMin?

I have many more accounts that are hosed, but I figured as much, they got hosed on the other server, so restoring them did not improve that.


My problems started when I re-installed the OS on this VPS account, it has the option to delete all passwords, an option I did not choose, this has to be the root of all my problems, now I don’t know if I should blow this server away and start all over.

For now I’m just deleting the accounts by hand.