Email issue, hosted domain email.

Hi, i’m having some difficulties with sending mail within virtualmin running on debian squeeze.

I have a server running several domains and subdomains, around 20 accounts in total. The hosting does not include any email accounts as I have an email server hosted somewhere else.

When I use php to send an email to any external domain e.g. a gmail account it works fine, mail gets delivered however I recently added a new domain and since adding it if I send mail to a domain that I host it gets stuck in the system, originally it was stuck in the Postfix queue however now it just disappears and is not delivered. I was getting error 550 in the queue.

I have tried everything from using and external SMTP server and I have MX records pointing to the mail server however I still have these issues, any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m a bit stuck with it.

I have tried the steps in the mail troubleshooting and everything I can find regarding external mail server and virtualmin on google.


If your email accounts are being hosted externally – then you’ll want to disable the “Mail for Domain” feature on your Virtual Servers.

When “Mail for Domain” is enabled, Postfix thinks it’s the final destination for that domain.


Thanks for your reply but I have already disabled it and it still gets stuck in the queue.

Any other ideas?

Fixed the issue, it turns out the mail server was actually blocking access, white listed the server IP with the mail server and all working.