email from shows as from

Per this is not a new problem

Domains used in documentation below

  • - domain name of machine1 in Networking > Network Configuration
  • - domain hosted on above, often used for logging into webmin for maintenance
  • - domain hosted on for sender's email
  • - domain hosted on for email's recipient


  • Server OS: CentOS 5.10
  • VirtualMin: 4.06 GPL
  • PostFix: 2.3.3
  • Servername hosts multiple domains and email for those domains. Server has static IPv4 address, directly connected to internet


email sent

from hosted on

to (for test purposes also on

shows in recipient’s mailbox as being sent from (completely different domain)

this is consistent whether recipient is using Squirrelmail on host or a free
email account from a provider whose name begins with Y and ends in !

Configuration Settings

Per, configurations


Path: Webmin > Usermin Configuation > Usermin Module Configuration > Read Mail

Section: User From addresses

Option: From: address Mapping File set to “/etc/postfix/virtual”

Option: Address mapping file format set to “Address to username(virtusertable)”


file /etc/postfix/virtual is world readable


Webmin: Networking > Network Configuration

Option: Hostname and DNS Client

hostname is, name is NOT registered in’s DNS records

Additional actions taken

In Squirrlemail

Path: Options > Personal Information > Edit Advanced Identities

email address shows as (another domain on )

Note: for domain squirrelmail was probably setup when logged into root at


Uninstalled Squirrelmail and reinstalled logged into root at

Logged into as user_a.example11

Options > Personal Information > Edit Advanced Identities

show E-Mail Address as “

(some progress at least, mail is now coming from correct domain, username is still not in desired format)

Also, stopped and started Postfix, results did not change

What have I missed?