email from lists name server, not virtual server

I have Virtualmin Pro/webmin/usermin. I am sending email out from one of my virtual domain’s usermin. The virtal domain is called My general Virtualmin is set up using the domain When I send an email to a client, the “from” of the the receiving email program says the message was sent by: . But I want it to say . Does anyone know how would I go about fixing this?


Right now, I’m reading about PostFix, but I have not come up with an answer yet.

In the end, it appears to just be a usermin setting. I allowed the usermin person to change his settings by going in Webmin and checking “Change User Details”. In change user details I changed “Real Name” to the proper name. That seemed to do it. I don’t know if I changed anything else that accidentally fixed it. I did do a few other things but I think I undid them. :wink:

So, the problem appears to be fixed.