Email for Virtualmin Server Administrator missing mail folder when creating a new server.

When I create a new server, the server administrator has no email directory. The initial default user created for the virtual server cannot check email because the email files do not exist.
The email directory for added users is created correctly at /home/servername/homes/username/Maildir. Email for those users are created and work correctly.
For server admnistrator, the email settings in virtualmin show there should be a directory under /home/servername/Maildir but there is none.

Is there a setting I missed, or do I need to create a user to receive administrator mail separately from the administrator login? Why would I need to add an administrator email account separately when all the default postmaster, webmaster, etc. aliases point to the server administrator’s email address when creating a new server?

Hrm, it looks like the “Maildir” folder should be automatically created.

Which Virtualmin version is it that you’re using there?

However, one option to get that working quickly would be to add the folder “Maildir” into /etc/skel. Although you shouldn’t have to do that, that’d be a way to resolve the issue you’re seeing.


/etc/skel is empty except for the dot files.
Creating the empty folder in the default users account doesn’t seem to do anything.

Well, if you create the directory “/etc/skel/Maildir” – that should cause a “Maildir” directory to be created anytime you create a new Virtual Server.

When you create that dir, in /etc/skel, are you seeing it copied to /home/username whenever you create a Virtual Server?


OK, I added Maildir to /etc/skel. I don’t have any virtual servers that need to be created. I have several virtual servers that exist that I need to see mail for. Is there a refresh script for setting up the files necessary below Maildir? When you add a new email user to an existing virtual server, where is the template that generates the Maildir correctly?

Is there a way to re-create the correct Maildir setup for the virtual server administrator account?