Email error in thunderbird

Can you please post the mail log excerpts of the whole delivery process (not just the error message), on sending and receiving end if you have access to both? And please enclose log listings in [code][/code] tags so that we have line breaks and fixed-width font.


A “relay access denied” error usually suggests that your email client isn’t actually authenticating when sending an outgoing message.

Many clients need to be configured to do that – although it’s likely setup to perform authentication when downloading messages, it may also need to be setup to authenticate when sending them as well.


The log indeed looks like an email client of yours is trying to send out mail to an external address through your server, without prior authentication. You might want to verify that the client is configured to correct authentication and that there are no errors in the server’s auth log (if one exists - depends on Linux distribution).

Yeah, I agree with Locutus… although Thunderbird seems to be prompting you for a password, the logs aren’t showing an authentication attempt.

It shouldn’t need to prompt you for a password though – you should be able to set it to use a given username and password for outgoing email. So if it’s prompting you for a password, something isn’t working right :slight_smile:

You may want to verify your settings… or perhaps try a different email client, just to see if you can get it working.


Yes, trying out a different email client is a good idea!

In such cases like this one, where two pieces of software (client and server) need to work together, and both of them can be the culprit, it makes sense to try and eliminate one possible culprit at a time. :slight_smile: