Email Cert Problems


I keep getting the ‘Certificate is not trusted’ everytime when I check my mail on thunderbird (even tho I have a cert added)

Not sure if ive done something wrong or not but could anyone help me out on this?
I can get any info you need etc…



When you access email, are you accessing it via the same name that’s listed in your SSL cert?

If it’s not the same name as listed in your cert, it would generate a warning message.


Yea its same as the I have even used just


Eric here is a screenshot

Well, it’s difficult to say, and many of the usual SSL testers don’t work on IMAP… but you may want to double-check the CA Certificate (or sometimes called the intermediate certificate).

The usual way to get all this working is to create a Virtual Server, place the SSL Certificate you wish to use within it, then in Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, click the “Copy to Dovecot” button. If the intermediate certificate is setup, it’ll be copied to Dovecot.


Aye I did copy it to dovecot Eric :frowning:

i see that you have a PositiveSSL CA 2 Certificate from COMODO. This certificate
does not cover “sub-domains” ( ).

that certificate is only valid for “”. i had the same problem till i
looked at the PositiveSSL Product Information ‘more’ carefully :wink: and like me you
probably need to get a Wildcard SSL Certificate that covers Sub-Domains as well.

hope this helps.

I bought as the cert tho

Still have this problem and ive just got support to the cert people and they are saying this

20:01Anastasia B.: You want to secure port 993
20:01Anastasia B.: SSL certificates secures only 443 ports
20:01Anastasia B.: Please contact your web hosting to fix this issue

Well I am the host I don’t know the issue here can someone help me please as this is driving me crazy!