Email autodiscover for shared hosting

On a shared hosting server, my mail server is

For client virtual servers, settings for incoming and outgoing mail server is

However when setting up desktop pc apps like outlook, they always default to incoming and outgoing mail server as clientdomain .com

Is there a way in dns that i can have for incoming and outgoing mail server where it will still work with my mail server on a shared ipaddress so that my users dont keep complaining about having to use

Why do email apps automatically want to setup as knowing that on a shared hosting serve the mail server is always Using for incoming and outgoing works in cpanel for shared hosting, why cant i get this working on mine?

Also, if the email ssl belongs to the mail server, is having option in virtualmin to copy the clientdomain ssl certificate to postfix a good idea? It overwrites the mail servers own ssl certificate. If only a shared ip address, can you guys remove that option for virtualmin so it can’t do this?
Finally, if one accidently does click on copy to postfix/webmin/usermin from a client domain, how to we then undo that mistake in virtualmin?

Am i on the right track in saying that postfix 3.4 supports multi ssl certs with multiple domains on a single ip address now? Is this called SNI?

See the following

If the stack thread is true, how do i implement this using virtualmin?

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