Email Author Name

Hello Again,

I have searched about this for a while, but I cant figure out how to change the author name that shows on mail sent from Postfix. In the email users section in Virtualmin, under the virtual domain, I edit the “Real Name” to be what I want it to be, but the emails are still arriving from the username. Here is an example of what I mean:

I went the route for the username, and adjusted accordingly per the instructions on the FAQ. So when I send email from this account, by default it comes from “,” even if the real name is set to something like “User Name.” I can configure applications like Roundcube to send from a certain identity, or set the identity on an IMAP device - but I was hoping to make this more universal, so that users can do it quickly and easily via Virtualmin. Am I missing something, or just completely off-base?

The sender is configured from the mail client (roundcube, outlook, etc) I don’t think there is a easy server side way to force all mail from to come from “Bob Smith

As far as I know the only place that the “Real Name” setting is used is for displaying information in Virtualmin, and Mail functions in Usermin.