Email adding .domain to username

Only thing i have noticed with the change with Fedora 6 and version 3.30 of Virtual is that when you create an email account it would add a .domain onto the username. For example: Creating would make me login into squirrelmail as johnny.domain . Can we get this removed so that it would be easier for clients to only logged in as johnny. Or would there be a fix already. Thank you.

Hi Johnny,

I’m just a regular user.
A solution could be some of the squirrelmail plugins.
If you look at there are some plugins that allow you to login in different ways, for example a alias login, allowing the customer to choose an alias as the login name instead af the real account name. I use several of the plugins but have not tested the mentioned plugin. I have squirrelmail in a password protected directory with a plugin that logs the user in directly to their squirrelmail account when logging in to the protected folder.