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Good Day,

I have the following strage behaviour with Virtualmin that I can’t figure out.
I have the email account test@domain that is configured onto a web form and that is sending confirmations as forward email(the test@domain is not directly monitored) to office@domain. But in this case the sent emails are bounced with error: “status=bounced (unknown user: “office”)”
If I check the deliver to mailbox and forward emails to office@domain, the emails are delivered to the test@domain as it should but it doesn’t forward the emails for this account(same bounce error)
Sending emails directly between the 2 email accounts works and emails arrived with no issues in both inboxes.
Any ideas on what I should change or investigate further?

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Virtualmin version 7.5

So are you using an alias to redirect test@ to office@ or a mailbox with forwarding ?

Eitherway, to track this down you’ll need to look in the /var/log/maillog and see what postfix is doing with the email. All will be clear then.

Both mailboxes are created as accounts not aliases, in logs I have the following:
“postfix/local[4595]: 58812A47888: to=office@domain, orig_to=test@domain, relay=local, delay=2, delays=2/0/0/0.01, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (unknown user: “office”)”

So postfix thinks (and is probably right) that office@domain is local (is it?) If so, then office@domain should be listed in /etc/postfix/virtual (is it?). If its not and its local then it should be, if its not and office@domain is not local then it thinks it is probably because its been told its to handle email for domain. Make sense?

Both mailboxes are local(on the same server and they have the same domain).
The office@domain is present in /etc/postfix/virtual with a mapping like
The strange thing is that all the domains onto the server show the same behaviour(forward not working from one mailbox to the other)

This matter is resolved as the solution worked for me

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