Elxis CMS, download center and Virtualmin

Hello everybody and compliments for the great Control Panel that Virtualmin is.

I’m going through a connectivity “problem” using the Elxis CMS Download Center feature, reported by someone as being Virtualmin only related.

That CMS, through a script in the manager install panel, is capable to get updates, upgrades and modules install directly from its download center, which is not happening in my environment.

Where, please if you are aware of, should i check in order to get that working?

Thanks in advance for any reply an suggestions,


you may want to check your php.ini file.
Per haps you need fopen or curl enabled or you have safemode enabled while it shouldn’t.

This should be in the system requirements of the script or component which you can learn about on their site/documentation

Thanks Joe for your ready reply.
I am writing late as i wanted to solve my problem. In doing this, i have tested different OSs and Apache+PHP distribution and versions.

:-))) It took so much time to discover that the problem was in the rooter set up to filter proxies.

Maybe i got with these a bit more knowledge.

Thanks to all and for your interest.
Compliments once again for the great Virtualmin.