Either Add Shortcuts to the left column OR expand the menu by default

I think Virtualmin is great but one thing thats annoying is it takes time to find the right links in the menus, especially as you have Webmin too. I can never remember where things are.

So is it possible to add my favourite links to the left? e.g. I am always going to my CSF configuration (an add-on).

If this is not possible can I have the menu expand/open by default, because I dont know which headings menu links should be so I just end up expanding them all.

CPanel have the search filter on top that would be another suggestion if the above cant be done. Your search form takes too long.



Thanks for your thoughts, I’ll pass them along to Jamie!

Regarding links though – there is a way to add custom links to the navbar on the left.

To do that, you can go into System Customization -> Custom Links.


Your search form takes too long.

Oh, BTW, can you clarify what you mean there?

Are you saying it takes too long to get to it? Or that it takes too long to find something?


I dont have System Customisation -> Custom Links. I only have Custom Fields, Custom Shells, Global Variables. I searched for ages in VM to find some place, but couldn’t find anything, hence posting here. I have version 3.93.

As for speed… its both!

I cannot remember where some links are, being fairly new to VM. So I am taking a while to find the right places to edit settings…

So I then manually expand all the headings and sometimes I might use the Find in my browser

The search box itself takes really long, it seems to search every match rather than the link like Cpanel

So I just think finding the right places to edit settings could be improved.

Regular settings I know where to go, but these would be good to have custom links for to be quicker.


Hmm, upon further investigation, it appears that the “Custom Links” option may be a feature that’s only available in Virtualmin Pro.

However, I’ll chat with Jamie about the search functionality.

Thanks for your input!


I thought I had pro, maybe I am confusing it with buying cloudmin.

what would be the main benefits of buying the pro version? I am fine with buying it if I can get benefits I need.

if I did buy it is it a simple upgrade?

For info I have about 4 VPS’s using VM but will add more in future, I have bought cloudmin too.



The differences between the Pro and GPL versions (along with comparisons to other control panels) is here:


It is indeed easy to upgrade from GPL to Pro – you’d just enter your license information in Virtualmin and it would handle that process for you.


Ok thanks. it doesn’t include features I need and so is a little pricy on a per server basis, thanks anyway.