editing the automated DNS records

Hi all,
I’m trying to find where to edit and modify the actual records created automatically by virtualmin.
What I want to achieve is to edit/modify them so every new created dns zone will have the dns entry as it’s by default… I know that it can be done in “Edit Server template”“BIND DNS Domain” but I can’t get it how should I add these names, even though, the help is not too clear for me, so is there any actual real example that show how to put data and values?

The ideal situation for me would be to edit the script that is actually doing it, but any other way to do it and a help is much apreciated.

Thank you,

so in the template/bind section, the first field you can add additional nameservers like so: ${DOM}. 38400 IN NS ns2.domain.tld. (with the dot at the end)