editing imported virtual hosts/configurations


I’m importing existing virtual hosts to a virtualmin installation (same server).

I noticed that the importing process didn’t move website’s files from the actual webroot /var/www/domain.tld/ to the “virtualmin” webroot /home/user/public_html (or /home/user/domains/public_html. And also logs are not “imported” on the virtualmin’s logs directory.

Files and configuration’s files remain in their original directories.

Now, if I want to make imported servers look like identical to newly created I have to manually edit directives?

…or maybe it’s better and faster to create a new server with a different domain, then migrate manually files and dbs, and then change the domain to the correct one?



When using Virtualmin’s “Import Virtual Server” option, that’s an option that tells Virtualmin about existing domains on the server. It assumes those are setup exactly as you need.

In a lot of cases, moving a web app would break it, so it doesn’t attempt to move that.

Following your second suggestion would be a good way to handle that – create a temporary domain name, copy all the files, websites, databases, and the like into that, delete the existing Virtual Server, then rename that temporary one into the one you wish to use.