Edit web pages , url links change

When I use the editor included in Virtualmin "xinha" and view the files with html source file and goes back to wysiwyg view it changes the URL to f.eks:
from "…/img/image.jpg
to "https://www.domain.com:10000/img/image.jpg"

Also all links to index.html / sales.html get changed to

And this links are of course not working on the homepages for the sites after that.

I was reading a little about this at

and was setting the calues in


But that didnt help.

After that i tried to set


Then i at least get the links to point to the domain correctly
f.ex. http://www.domain.com/index.html

But still with absolute links. It would be nice to have it to relative.

Anyone have and solution for this. I am sure a lot more then me have this problem.<br><br>Post edited by: cartoon65, at: 2008/02/06 08:44

This is actually caused by some un-necessary HTML link conversion done by the Xinha HTML editor we use. However, the upcoming 3.52 release of Virtualmin will include a fix for it …

we got an ETA on this? Got the same problem here, its most frustrating and renders the "Edit WebPages" feature basically useless. You cant even work around it by editing the link manually in source mode through the editor.

If you like, I can send you an advanced version of Virtualmin 3.52.
Just email me at jcameron@virtualmin.com , and let me know if you want it in RPM or Debian package format.