Edit Web Pages - Implement Form for phpMyAdmin Database

Hello virtualmin-professionals,

I’m completely new in this field and I guess you guy’s can come up with the answer to my topic. I also know that I’m asking a very basic question.

I would like to implement my existing database (phpMyAdmin) on a website that I’ve created in virtualmin.
It doesn’t has to be super functional but I’ve no clue where to start this step either so I would like to get some hints how I can put up the connection.

When I click on the button “Form properties” I have the options
Action [I guess here I have to put in some code]

What do I have to do to get this thing running?

I would be really pleased with constructive answers


This question should be posted on forum where people discuss about coding, scripting and programing languages, because doesnt have anything to do with *min products. But i suspect even there people will ask you to read and learn at least some basics before start asking questions.


  • hi you asking something very funny here… this have nothing to do with virtualmin please remember this… it have something and anything to do with your current system you use - nothing with virtualmn it self - I repeat.

now - please refer to your helping guide about editing files on your system (if you are on windows - search google and if you are on linux do same or perhaps if you would tell us what linux you are using - some of us from community would be gladly helping you) - if you use mac os do follow idiotic ms search but apply so called mac fix for it and once if it works then you pop up back again if virtualmin does not worked for you… once if you figure it out we here in community would be able to help…have fun.