Edit Template / Default Script Installers ??

OK, I am trying to create a new template that automatically installs certain scripts upon server creation, specifically Horde (IMP), RoundCube, and Squirrelmail.

  1. I tick the ‘scripts below’ option.
  2. Select ‘RoundCube’ for the script.

I am stuck on what to put for the url? Ive tried
and others
and tried to save but get an error

Failed to save server template : Missing or invalid URL path in row 1

What are you supposed to put here? The docs don’t mention it at all.
In addition, how do you install IMP? I only see HORDE as an option to install and not any of its subprograms.


I have the same URL field problem, don’t know what to put there too, did you find a solution?

You just need the relative path:


You don’t need the domain or anything else. It’s the same value you’d put into the Install Scripts form for the same application (which makes this more clear by already showing the domain name and such with a field after it).